Kiyoteru Lofe Adlez Dystopia

OTO Commissions

Temporary notice: For 2024, I will not be personally accepting new orders. You may fill out the form below for a recommendation of someone else who can OTO your voicebank.

$0.02 per line

Examples for various types of voicebanks
CV Japanese - approx. 100 lines
CVVC Japanese - approx. 300 lines
VCV Japanese - approx. 1000 lines
VCCV™ English - approx. 3000 lines
Please contact me for a more accurate estimate of your own voicebank.

Multiset discount - 15%
If your bank is multipitch, or has multiple appends in one, it's got multiple sets. You must use the exact same reclist for every set to get the discount. (so multilingual doesn't count, sorry!) You can only use this discount if you pay for the entire voicebank all at once. Alternatively, you can pay for pitches one by one without the discount.

ASSSS discount - 10%
This discount applies if you used a non-Japanese reclist from TUBS' Association for Speech and Singing Synthesis Scripts.

ARPAsing discount - Rounded down to nearest $10
For example, a voicebank with 2,634 lines would only cost $50. If a voicebank has less than 1000 lines, the discount does not apply.

UTAU + DeepVocal discount - 10%
Japanese, Korean, or Mandarin Chinese only, extras are okay. This applies to voicebanks that haven't been configured for UTAU yet. You can use this discount if you pay for both configurations at the same time. You will be added to both the UTAU and DeepVocal queues.

Return customer - 5%
Please specify which voicebank (UTAU or DeepVocal) you've commissioned from me before.

Multiple discounts may apply. ARPAsing discount comes first before other discounts.

You may remain in the queue indefinitely, and cancel at any time before you are reached. Once you reach the #1 position, you will have one week to respond before being automatically removed. Updates on the status of the queue will be posted on Twitter or optionally sent directly.

The voicebank will be checked for errors to determine if any samples need to be rerecorded. If so, please provide fixed samples before your voicebank is reached in the queue. You can check on the progress by visiting the queue website. If you would like to stop partway through, you can either cancel the OTO entirely, or receive the partially completed section for the appropriate price.

Once the OTO is completed, an audio sample will be sent for verification. Payment is by PayPal invoice, which can be paid even without a PayPal account using a credit or debit card. Once payment is confirmed, the oto.ini files will be sent.

Please fill out this form to order a commission!