Terms of Use


When publishing work using Mita voicebanks, you must credit the voicebank as "Mita Souzou". Names provided for storytelling (translations, nicknames, alternate spellings) should not be used for writing credits.
You may optionally credit the specific voicebank used.
You may optionally credit Mita's author as "KLAD" or "Adlez27".
When attributing the voicebanks or author, you must write the names exactly as written here. You cannot call Mita by any other name, nor attribute Mita to any other author.

Usage Content

Mita Souzou was voiced by a child and represents a child, so content created with Mita voicebanks is subject to more restrictions.

You are free to create general content.

Contact me with the form below before creating

The following types of content are unconditionally prohibited:

KLAD reserves the right to request takedown of published content at any time, and users are expected to comply.

Character and Artwork

Published work using Mita voicebanks may optionally include character visuals.
Visuals should be clearly recognizable as Mita. These voicebanks cannot be used to intentionally voice other characters. (This limitation does not apply to reusing music videos for covers.)

Some voicebanks include character artwork files. Please check the additional terms of use for those voicebanks for proper credits and usage limitations.
When using visuals created by other artists, please follow the appropriate licenses and terms of use.

Commercial Use

Contact me with the form below for approval to use Mita voicebanks commercially.
You cannot use Mita voicebanks or any included assets in projects involving non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or cryptocurrency.


You can edit audio files in any way, except for pitch or formant manipulation.
You are free to adjust any configuration files, such as oto.ini or FRQ files.
You cannot edit, convert, or reconfigure Mita voicebanks for other singing synthesizers. You are free to use any software that can use the voicebanks unmodified.
You are free to use the contents of Mita voicebanks outside of singing synthesizers.


You cannot redistribute original Mita voicebanks or ports to other synthesizers.
You are free to share configuration files, such as oto.ini or FRQ files.

When distributing configuration files, you must:

You cannot sell configuration files for Mita voicebanks or include them in a commercial product. If you need voicebank configuration for commercial products please order a commission here.

You are free to share rendered singing vocals created with Mita voicebanks.


KLAD holds no responsibility to any incidents, damage, or loss by the user from downloading or using Mita.
KLAD holds no responsibility to any incidents, damage, or loss that occurs to any third party as a result of usage of Mita.
These terms of use were originally generated with TUBS Tools and include additional edits.

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